Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Why people want to play golf? What are benefits that they could have? If you are business owner, I do understand the reasons to get involve in this game.

And why people like to get involve in this expensive game too? 1 game you will be charge about RM6.00 to RM12.00, depending on day you are playing and of course you have to pay for shoes that you have to wear. I have been told that 1 ball of bowling could cost you about RM600 to RM1000 each, if you would like to have one!

And now people like to pay extra for their health, hopefully their weight is within good range, free from high risk diseases. But the true is people hardly to enter the gim centre even once a week! Frankly speaking, not "value for money".

Last but not least, public jogging track with no additional cost to your pocket. Personally, I'm still not yet make a routine to jog around my condo jogging track even had live there about 4 months. But at least, no additional cost to my monthly income.


Landak said...

Wah...ini yg dikumpulkan

eliyazz said...

kuikuikuikui...saja tempek kebingungan di sini...