Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Alamak, tertinggal handphone!!!!

People can called it handphone or cellphone or hand gadget. Whatever you call it, it is still referring to the same thing.

As you notice from my title, I really don't know how could I left it at home. I just realized it was not in my handbag right after sitting at my workstation. What happen to my brain memory?

If I had problems, probably its maybe the cause I'm forgetting to put and bring it to office. I started my day with preparing simple breakfast for hubby and me. Well, popia udang goreng and tea for hubby (itu pun dia buat sendiri).

Back to my handphone story, 10mins before I started asking myself could I stand to go through my day without handphone? Back to home? Ohhh, that is not a good idea as Mid Valley carpark will be FULL as soon as 8.00 am. Why? How stupid you are if you don't know this is because of Jcard members sale on 15 and 16 December 2009.

Ya-Allah, help me to go through my day successfully. Amin.

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