Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unhappy wife alone from day to day

Bosan jadi bini sorang2 kat rumah, terponggok tunggu suami kerja kuat sangat. Terasa bukan main kepalang, hakikatnya alasan demi alasan yang diberi.

Masa hujung minggu pun kerja, aku duduk sorang diri layan perasaan/ window shopping/ tengok tv.

Apa la nasib jadi bini zaman gemilang sekarang ni yek???

Friday, December 19, 2008

End Year 2008 mood....

It's more than one month I did not update my blog. Busy??? master final examination, office workloads, cooking, sweeping floor, washing clothes....really giving me tension and headache....but i'm doing my best from day to day.

For everyone info' leave day left for this year is 23 days. Definately it cannot carry forward to next year 2009. plan for next year to apply leave even my hubby will not apply leave at the same time.

Congratulations to my beloved friend, Norayesha for your marriage on 1 January 2009. I pray you will be happy forever and ever with Rizall.