Friday, May 31, 2013 be continue

Pagi yang indah
mata terbuka ku lihat kapal
Ekekekkekek...i love it!!!

How I wish I'm in the room at Club Med or Hayatt Kuantan.
Huhuhuh...desiran ombak menghempas pantai jelas di telinga walau pintu tingkap tertutup.
Sungguh nyaman...ekekkeke
So sape nak feeling feeling sila ke Hayatt Kuantan.
Sape nak lasak-lasak sila ke Club Med.

Same position, different time & weather.

Since it was a rainy day, not much sold at pasar.

But I managed to grab this at a frozen shop:

Ikan salut tepung...

Udang bunga...

Udang rimau...errr...udang lion takde ke?
Byk la kau..

Ikan tenggiri

hhheehheeh... tak ingat nama apa!!

Moh balik KL...
bye Labuan

byk lagi shopping, just tak boleh nak share semuanya.
2D1N just enough utk tour Labuan.
the best try utk makan makanan laut yg rata-rata mula berniaga sekitar 6 petang - 945 malam...
so plan your journey wisely peps!!
antara yg boleh dibeli coklat, ikan, udang, rumpai laut, lobster, ketam, udang kering, ikan bilis..
kereta? Boleh bahh...beli aja

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Thursday, May 30, 2013 2

At the dining area.

Morning peps!!!

I started my day with pink guava juice, apple green grape juice and blueberry yogurt.

So nice...hehehhe!!

This juice also taste so nice ehh..thought it wasn't as it blend with coconut
but it's turn so so so nice.
Must try!!

Kalau suka juice tu...memanjang snap gambar juice bar ni!!
Ampun..jom tgk benda lain yang menarik Dorset served that day.

Biasa je...tekak ku kata normal je rasanya.
Dan terus ku teringat Hayatt Kuantan.


Sweets for the day.
Gemuk wei makan cream je memanjang!!

Kuih tradisional Sabah...nama nyer jelurut.
Rasa? Ala tepung kacau, rasa manis-manis.

Habis makan...g sambung tido!
Hehheheh...gemuk gemukk

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013 1

Rajuk ku, rajuk mu
Kau bawa ku bersama akhirnya...


To kill time gitu, harus 1 kopi ais dilayan.
Wah...ramai umat menunaikan umrah.
Semoga selamat pergi dan pulang, amin.

Delay dah..about 15mins!
Naik-naik dapat makan, layan movie Street Dance 2 yang the boom best.
Pastu layan music light & easy by Joanna Wang.

Deymm...I lost in my own memories back in 1995-1997.
Where are you my dear friends???

Anyone? Hahhah...don't be too skeptical about me ehhh!

We went to this restaurant which location next to the Blue Wave Lounge.

A cup of teh tarikkkk.

Ayam tandoori & nan.
Ok jeeee!!

Harbour view from my room.
Where? Dorset Labuan.


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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turkish Delight

My parent just back from Turkey.

Too many sweets they bought for us to taste.

Before they left, I did comments (byk gila aku komen ok) on the taste of Turkish Delight (TD).

And these were half of the TD that I did taste last weekends:

All about pistachio!

Euro 10 per box.
My mum bought from the airport.

I like the red TD. It taste sour and sweet just nice.
My dad said it was honey instead of sugar.
5 star wokey!!!

Huhuhhu...the red TD was bought at Ramazan shop.

I could not chew its anymore, overall ok.

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Monday, May 27, 2013


He loves cupcake lately!

Since there's no bakery shop around my office

I asked his father to buy cupcake for him.'s from bisou, KLCC.

Rainbow cake

RM12 per slice

Red velvet

RM6 per cup

Not sure...but I guess apple cinnamon.

RM6 per cup

the taste were awesome for each bites!!!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shoes Cabinet

My youngest brother would like to buy 


for my parent house.

.... Untunglah ....

So, I joined him last Saturday to do market research

what available, latest design & color, price

to suit with our parent house concept

He admired this but the price really hit his head cabinet is so expensive!!

He thought the price would be around RM200 only! 

We look for a cabinet

that have NO handle

just by purpose

nothing could be hang up on the cabinet!!

My next proposal to him was 

rearrange my parent living room 

introducing practical & vibrant concept

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kenduri kesyukuran

My dear friend organized a small kenduri after she successfully completed her training and attached to an office which she loves.

It happened last week and we managed to meet each other again on her event.

Introducing Salman...

your Abang Azizi not able to be around as he had fall a sleep.

Really miss you girls.

Not in picture are Kak As & Izah & Ireene due to certain reasons. Never mind, insya Allah we will sit and gebang again in near time.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Spice of Life #1

I'm certainly said lately I felt so 
but thank you very much
to my other half
being so understanding
when I need some space
to breath and have my own sweet time
refreshing myself, of course
yeah, time fly very fast
the new of
open minded
To my other half, I knew you are going through hard time
I knew you 
you could handle it professionally
put aside your frustration on other people
Others people matter!!
at the point of writing this
I did asked our dear son 
to kiss me
but he declined to do so
I'm not frustrated at all
nor sad about it
but I did respond to him
It's okey but I love u
why I'm responding such a way like that?
because he has his own believe, his own thought, his own preference, his own stand
and I want him to be treated differently
from any angles of view
to date
I'm satisfied that our dear son
could replied such a beautiful way of him using word GREAT, besides YES NO 
about body like eyes, fingers
foods like apple, rice, egg, susu, milk, kicap


Glow by JLo

~~  Product review ~~

I’m really concern about my body odour.

Maybe I’m different during my teenager times 

but once I’m getting older, it really hit my attention.

I’m not good in spending money 

especially on perfume and make up.

I’m really cared if someone asking what brand of perfume you spray on.

My immediate respond would be ….


Does the smell too hard?

2 incidents happened to me 

with Glow scent, of course.

My buddy asking the brand of perfume as it smells good.

My boss asking me too as the smell is nice and he wants his wife to have it in her collections.

This perfume, Glow by JLo, really controls my body odour 

from early in the morning until late in the evening.

Have it in your collections, why not?? 

You will damn fall in love with it smell, trust me!!!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Body Shop Sale


17 - 19 Mei 2013

Semlm sempat singgah...

sempat kebas a few items....

sempat paw tukang bayar.....


jom review





apa yang sale?

antaranya adalah .... 

Midnight Bakula Body Mist

ada 50% + 10% (utk ahli shj) diskaun

White Musk Chiffon Sheer Body Mist

70% + 10% (utk ahli shj) diskaun

I bought this at price RM13.23

Midnight Bakula Perfume

50% + 10% (utk ahli shj)

Moroccan Rose Perfume

50% + 10%

I bought 2 for my ladies at price RM35.55 each

Natural Lips Roll-On

50% + 10% (utk ahli shj)

I bought this for my lady at price RM8.95

Body butter/ body lotion

50% + 10% (utk ahli shj)

For my ladies.....

tuntut jangan tak tuntut.....

These items for me...


all makeups' are at 20% + 10% diskaun

Total spent last night was RM129.70 (for my ladies additional RM80.05)

Note: I should bought make up remover instead of .... emmm, over spent again!!!!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013


Aik....seseorg sedang bekerja walau hari dah mlm???

Sibuk benar dia yea....Jom teman mummy g Putrajaya Sentral!!! Geleng tanda tak mau.... ok, mummy pergi yea...

No respond....

Tak nangis harus segera keluar dari pintu!!!!!

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