Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dinner at Dome Cafe, Mid Valley

This was my first experienced to dine in at Dome Cafe, Mid Valley. The surrounding looks so calm, elegance and full of lifestyle. I'm so impressed the way this cafe before I did only heard those love coffee would came to Dome Cafe to have a cup of it!

I took a long time to choose food and beverage for my own self. At first, I was thinking of to have a cup of ice blended, but later I did changed my mind as my hubby said he brought me specially to Dome, so that if those people outside there talk about Dome, at least I could share my own experienced too.

First, I'm so excited about Espreski. They claimed it was good as drink and dessert. It's look like ice blended but this one is specially blended of coffee/ chocolate, ice cream, crushed ice and of course whipping cream.

So, I did choose Fluffy Koala. I don't care even this one clearly stated for kids. My hubby paid for it, so let me taste and comment about it.

Blended with dairy milk chocolate koalas, filled with rich caramel, dusted with chocolate and topped with an extra chocolate koala. The taste? Of course if you are chocolate lovers, do try because it's value for money. Like someone said, it's chocolaty.

While for food, I choose to have Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta. Those love creamy pasta, you should tried this. Sorry as I'm forgot to take picture of it!!

Oh...about my hubby, he did ordered for Beef Burger and of course Macchiato coffee, not sure single or double shot of espresso.

Really yummy!!! Hhehhehehheheh... thanks my dear hubby.

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