Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm so SORRY!!!!

My dear,

I'm so sorry (truly from my heart) about what happened for the past few weeks.
Most of the time, I'm too arrogant + selfish + self center + cute (additional...hhahahha), without thinking of what hard time you have faced.

In real world, we always do works which determine by other people, and yet our spouse cannot accept it. It's a big challenge but believe me, one fine day they can teach themselves to understand it! So, be patient, don't take it too easy, trust them, don't do anything which can make them unhappy and think twice before you did conversation with different sex (bukan apa, mengelakkan fitnah).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Super Women

My life became more taxing from day to day. In a day, below is my routine:

6.00 am - wake up and prepare breakfast
6.30 am - breakfast with husband
7.00 am - shower
7.50 am - warming up KAW2882 engine
8.00 am - drive to office
8.05 am - check in at my office
8.10 am - read emails...too many people like to send/cc/bcc email to me..mcm la bagus...aku delete je semua
8.30 am - sign verification letters, banyak gila salah...aku pun dah tak tau nak tolong mcmana staff baru tu, asyik la memanjang salah buat surat. Dah minggu ke 3 kerja, hari2 buat benda yang sama tetap salah. Aku siap buat summary, pun salah lagi. Sampai staff aku kata ko ni cikgu ke dok check betul ke salah. Dulu buat manual lagi generate by system pun masih salah define duration. Punya malas nak check betul ke IC no, passport no... aku officer dia pun boleh trace kesalahan surat tu...tah la...apa lagi nak buat pun aku tak tahu... gaji HR tak msk cukup seperti tawaran pandai plak BISING.
9.00 am - reply emails yang berlonggok tu... kalau ada kena mengena dgn aku, baru reply
10.00 am - office work/meeting
1.00 pm - LUNCH...pun ada customer datang kacau...tak reti2 org tengah mkn
2.00 pm - office work/ meeting
5.00 pm - check emails...reply...check verification letters, salah lagi...habis la pokok2 kat dunia ni kena tebang dek kerana staff aku yang tak pandai lagi buat surat tu...
5.30 pm - make announcement to go back home...tapi masih dok kat kerusi
5.45 pm - check out
6.00 pm - arrive home, tidy up kitchen, cook rice
6.10 pm - shower
6.30 pm - ironing clothes
7.45 pm - cook fish, chicken, etc
8.15 pm - dinner with husband
8.55 pm - update blog
9.30 pm - FYP task
11.00 pm - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......:->

What's a taxing life I had and have to face it for everyday!!!!!!!!!

One thing I would like to share, those who are planning for a baby (twin babies better), please take a look into PaMa magazine...there is a good section describing what happen to your embrio during week 1, week 2, etc....complete with PICTURE!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tika dalam kesusahan....

Confuse la tiap2 kali aku dlm kesusahan, tido mlm mesti org yang sama msk dlm mimpi aku. Yang peliknya, aku tak pernah tgk muka dia, tak kenal dia siapa... tapi dia sgt mesra dengan aku!! Confuse2...kalau perempuan takpe gak...siapakah gerangan orang itu???

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not my homework.....

I can't believe that he gave me extra assignments which belong to him. What a clever men i got to live with!! Giving an excuse did not solve problems, but creating more problems to us. I knew that he had it in hand before but maybe because no pressure to handle 2 or 3 tasks in one time, he just forget about it.

How pity I am??? Put yourself in my shoes.