Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New envio with new frens

New office and new friends.

Struggle with our passports'.

Been interviewed and felt so awkward.

The truth.... it's really mixed feeling till now!

I'm not ok but I have to act like everything ok.

I only want to love and be love.... huhuh...cool statement by me!!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

#2 Girls Day Out

After 2 weeks, hoyeahhhh we meet back with new gossips!!!

Besides 'sembang deras' and eating fast foods, Ida & me want to collect our baju kurung. Hehehheeh...sambil jumpa sambil collect baju.

You are exactly right....
Yatie wasn't with us as she went back to Kedah.

Thank you to our other halves and families as we really had a good chit chat session.

Congrats Yana on your new car...hakahakahk...

Yati...pls be around on our next meeting ekkk!!

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Monday, April 22, 2013


Dah lama tak story hal toddler Azizi, a bit naughty lately, manja cam mummy of course, still defensive meeting people...

Saja nak tempek gambar kasut & sandals dia kat sini, baby shoes je kat umah nenek.

His going to turn 3 in 5 months, kasut & sandals baru ada 5.

Sungguh jimat!!! If new sandals still ngam for Hari Raya, kiv dulu la dear for new sport shoes ekk!!!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Dulu waktu diploma, kawan-kawan cukup gemar ambil pic tidur org lain.

Antara yg jadi mangsa I jugak la kannn...

Cecuba nengok pic senonoh I ketika tidoq ni:

Tidur sambil berfikir gamaknya...

Apa dibuatnya smp lena tidur tu...in pink with long suit lagi bagai kannn

Ni Gaya tidoq paling huduh... penat buat gallery ke hapa ke tah...

1st pic taken by Kandaq
2nd pic taken by SM
3rd pic taken by Taufik

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