Monday, December 28, 2009

The good about BEKAM

BEKAM is one way in Islam to heal your disease that you suffered. From my past knowledge, if you want to bekam at your head, your hair will be shaving to ease the suction process. What it will suck from your head? The answer is "dirty" blood. The "dirty" blood is blood that might be the caused to your disease.

Nowadays, bekam is one of alternative treatment in medicine. It's not wrong if you want to give a try rather than keeping taking modern medicine to heal your disease.

This was based on my hubby own experienced. He did approached me to do bekam after watching RUMAH BEKAM SIHAT in one of TV3 segment. I'm OK but refused to do so!!

On the day, he started the treatment with consultation after been called by the men, who was going to do the bekam. Then, he had been asked to enter men treatment room's and changed to kain pelikat.

It's took about 1.5 hours and I'm patiently waited him at the waiting area. At last, I saw him walked out the room without hair been shaved and he put a smile towards me. After made payment, we ahead to have Nasi Ayam at Taman Melawati. In the car, I smell something nice at him. I did asked and he replied that probably antiseptic rubbed to area which suction be made.

Of course the treatment is still deal with "dirty" blood but the process today have been modern ie machines used certified by SIRIM, modern needle pens, cotton, antiseptic, etc. Most important things are SAFE and NO SIDE EFFECT.

Oh...I'm forgot to tell you that my husband suffered MIGRAINE, which faced by him at least once a week without failed. He did referred to a neurology specialist from PCMC and had done CT scan. He also had been supplied with IMIGRAN medicine. But, after he had tried this bekam treatment, his frequency suffered for migraine reduced to once in two weeks or once a month. Moreover his dandruff problem is getting better than before.

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