Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unhappy wife alone from day to day

Bosan jadi bini sorang2 kat rumah, terponggok tunggu suami kerja kuat sangat. Terasa bukan main kepalang, hakikatnya alasan demi alasan yang diberi.

Masa hujung minggu pun kerja, aku duduk sorang diri layan perasaan/ window shopping/ tengok tv.

Apa la nasib jadi bini zaman gemilang sekarang ni yek???

Friday, December 19, 2008

End Year 2008 mood....

It's more than one month I did not update my blog. Busy??? master final examination, office workloads, cooking, sweeping floor, washing clothes....really giving me tension and headache....but i'm doing my best from day to day.

For everyone info' leave day left for this year is 23 days. Definately it cannot carry forward to next year 2009. plan for next year to apply leave even my hubby will not apply leave at the same time.

Congratulations to my beloved friend, Norayesha for your marriage on 1 January 2009. I pray you will be happy forever and ever with Rizall.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Answer to my gossip....

At last, almost one nation known that Prof Datuk Dr. Ghauth Jasmon will be next VC to University Malaya. I wish him all the best. He's hardworking and intelligent. I'm forgot to take his photo last hari raya. May be next time. But I would like to comment there were two infos stated by one of our newspaper last Fridays was incorrect. But this was not big issue to humble man like Prof. Ghauth.

Hum...I'm looking forward to know about Bali's situation at this moment concerning my mum and dad trip there by early next year (nape la jln2 time keadaan tegang ni, dok umah kan bagus!!)

Speacial congratulation to Mr Obama on your winning for next US President.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last weekend I was shocking with this news. Oh my god, he really make it!! Since there was no true evidence that I can believe on, leave it that way.

Second gossip was happening at my office. Here and there people try to show ability and capability to bosses. I'm tried to get involve but my concern is to ensure smoothness of my process in near future. Another thing, why people could take LEAVE even their big task is on going??? Really make me confuse....wawawaa....talak faham...!!! Your responsibility, your own duty, you even don't want to care about it, then are you expecting people to look after it??? Really crazy...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Pot Luck

I and my hubby will attending pot luck tommorrow. Since I'm not a good chef, I proposed to my hubby to make order. Hehehhe...modern women with modern mind!! So, we purposely get my Mak Uda advice on this. She did propose to order next to her sister house at Melawati. We order 2kg of roti jala with 1 whole chicken for curry. Price??? Roti jala cost us RM24.00 and curry RM30.00.

I will make nata de coco strawberry puding this evening, probably for 60 pax.

Surprisingly, my hubby office mates cannot find chef to cook lontong. Kalau mereka pandai dah lama beli kat Lontong Klang, sedap gila beb!! Since they are not as clever as I am, my hubby put extra effort to help them. Apa la punya hubby, aku punya motor pump catalog lambat cari, kawan dia laju aje tolong. Kawan perempuan plak tu. Again, with Mak Uda helps, the lontong also will be prepare by same chef.

Tommorrow, I, hubby and my sis (probably Nain, Fadli ikut sama la tu) will go to chef house with money to collect roti jala set and lontong set. Will update it soon for your reference in future.

PHD dikalangan kita

Aku bengang sangat2, ada patut dia nak samakan aku dengan dia. Aku tahu dia lebih senoir dari aku tapi tolong la ye, jangan sibuk jaga tepi kain org kalau kain awak tu blum tentu cantik. Untung nasib saya, saya akan usahakan. Untung nasib awak, sila usahakan sendiri. Jangan nak samakan saya dengan awak. Sebab saya tak bangang macam awak, saya sentiasa menjadi terbaik untuk diri dan org sekeliling.

Apa la dengki sangat kat aku, biar la aku nak buat apa pun untuk diri aku, bukan aku mintak duit orang, bukan aku tak buat kerja, bukan aku curah pasir kat periuk nasi kau, punya la aku tak faham...belajar tinggi2, tu aje yang kau faham ye!!! Kesian....

P = perasaan
H = hasad
D = dengki

PHD tepat untuk mengambarkan orang yang dimaksudkan. Siapa makan cili, sendiri rasa PEDAS ma......!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wish all Muslim Happy Eid Fitri. I'm apology for any mistakes done by me either with my intention or without my intention.

To my officemate, sorry for word that not nice to hear from my mouth. I’m sincere in doing my works.

To my Master classmate, Sala & Nik sorry coz I’m still searching info for our project paper. Kak Su, thanks for everything. Those graduates Meng Mechanical, UTM, please pray for my success!! Also to my lecturers especially Dr Normah, Dr Kahar, Dr. Kassim, Dr. Mohammed, Happy Eid Fitri.

To my beloved husband, sorry should I made you unhappy, tears, disappointed, unlucky, etc for the past 1 year 4 months 3 days with or without my intention.

To my family, no BIG BIG BIG duit raya or kuih raya or baju raya this year. I’m on budget. Sorry to Mak, Ayah, Hakam, Nain, Fadli, Afiq, K’Zira, A’Zul and Syaifullah’s family at Kuantan.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sharing is Caring

Yesterday night, I did watch TV2 at 11.35 p.m. There was a phrase that caught my attention. I would like to share with you.

There is a scorpion. It come to a river and decide to across it. But it can't as it could drown. Scorpion see a frog and request for help. The frog refuse because it afraid the scorpion will sting it. The scorpion say, it would not do that as it would get drown by sting the frog. Frog believe the scorpion and agree to help. In the middle of river, the scorpion sting frog. Both of them drown but frog get chances to ask scorpion why it still sting frog even knowing it will get drawn by doing that. The scorpion say, that is my NATURE.

What's the meaning of this story? Start thinking .........

Warm Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Wish To Me

This email send to me by one of my good friend. Her name is Devaki, glamour name Kiki. She's also immediate officer to my friend, Aswani. At this moment Kiki alone at office as Aswani is on confinement leave.

Back to our story, I believe Kiki has to work on 29 & 30 September and 3 October. So, Kiki don't sad and i will bring you some kuih raya! Below is the warm wish from Kiki to me:

-----Original Message-----
From: devaki []
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 5:10 PM
To: aswani; Rina; Norayesha; murad; noorzalina; azlina hj. osman; Razlina Rezali; adzhariah; Taqiuddin Mat Isa; mustapha shukri; Anis; taufiz; ebyshah; Elly;;; shahrail; Rohaizal Bin Ghazali;; Mohd Harith Jamaluddin; faizul;; Alia Ibrahim;; Ahmad Shukri Mohamed Hariri; Haryati;; Julina Binti Abdul Majid; Juwita Mudzafar;;;;;;;
Subject: Selamat Hari Raya - Maaf Zahir Batin

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish all of you "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" Maaf
Zahir Batin..... I would like to ask forgiveness if I have done anything
wrong whether directly or indirectly to all of you may god bless you all
and your family.


Best Regards
DBA Centre

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri preparations

Hari Raya celebration is around the corner. Beside performing our fasting, working time at office, women also very busy with new clothes preparation, biscuits raya preparation and so on. Haiya...too many things to be consider.

Last week, I already bought kerepek ubi masin RM7.20 per kilogram & kerepek ubi with ungu colour RM7.20 per kilogram, new baju kurung from my new & cost effective tailor at Sek. Ren. Melawati 1, new tudung for me RM50.00 and new tudung for my mum Rm40.00. Yesterday I took my new baju kurung at Chong's Tailor, Melawati which cost me RM280.00, today I received my 50pcs mushroom cookies which cost RM18.00, probably I will get my kek lapis (special oder from Melaka) which cost me RM45.00 per kilogram. I also had change RM100 to RM1 notes to give to children during Hari Raya days.

But, before that I already paid RM280 for 3 baju kebaya, advance RM100.00 for home made cookies (mum+akak+....). Oh, my god...looks like we will run out of money before end of October.

As conclusion, plan our money usage wisely before .....Happy Hari Raya to all muslim around the world!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kak Wani's baby boy

Today's morning, I got an email from my good friend Juliana Cidaret (known as Juli) about K'Wani. The email as below:

From: juliana [] Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 10:59 AM
To: Alia binti Ibrahim; Artina binti Ahmad; Umi Naemah binti Zainal Abidin; Yanti Harissah binti Rahim; Ermafarahanny binti Abdullah Shani; Suhaida binti Suleiman; Siti Suhaibah binti Alias; Asilati binti Hatamal; Faiza; kak ina; kak adz; Delaila binti Ahmad Fauzi; Haryati binti Sulaiman; Marlina binti Jaidon
Subject: Baby Aswani

Salam semua,Wani dah selamat melahirkan seoarang baby boy yg sgt cumels 4.1 kg pada 17/9/08 @ 07.03am melalui ceaser. Attached pics of the baby yg cute sgt...

Congratulation to En. Din, Kak Wani and their families for your new baby boy born!

One day @ Jalan TAR

I and Kak Yati planned to have shopping at Jln TAR. Since yesterday was Nuzul Quran day and gazzeted as public holiday to Selangor, we made our moved as early as 9.00a.m. to Jln TAR. From one table to another table, we stopped, asking question (look like to buy but not at all), look here and there, make comparison and so on. We walked through Jalan TAR until SOGO. We reached SOGO at 1.00 p.m. and the shopping mall packed with people. Suprisingly, man with tie and pen at pocket, make move to do shopping for Hari Raya. Around 1.45 pm we stopped at Restoran INSAF Sdn Bhd to buy Nasi Beriani for breaking fast dish. We did our final shopping along way back to LRT Masjid Jamek. Macam-macam ada...hehehe...kurma mentah, cookies, songkok, bazzar ramadhan, tudung, artificial flowers, bamboo stick, etc. We left Jalan TAR around 3.00 p.m. with 2 begs of tudung (Gila tudung da). So, those have to work until 30 September 2008, please join me to Jln TAR after midnight as there will be super duper SALE!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

IUD story

Fuhh...really suprise got calling from my BIG sis. She just wanna to say that she had passed this tiny instrument into her uteras. Cost living at KL with 3 kids who not only want your attention but also your MONEY, thus we have to plan well so at the end of the day everybody HAPPY.

So, let's check info that I got from internet:

What is an IUD?
An IUD is a small device made from plastic and copper. It can be placed quite easily into the uterus by doctor or nurse.

How does the IUD work?
It works mainly by stopping the egg and sperm from meeting. It may also prevent the fertilised egg from attaching to the lining of the uterus. The copper also has a spermicidal effect (kills sperm).

How effective is the IUD?
Modern IUDs are 99% effective or more. Older ones were slightly less reliable - about 98% effective.

For those plan to use IUD as part of your family planning program, please read and getting know advantages and disadvantages before use it.

All the best!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Control Valve

Do you know what picture below is? It's call control valve. What's function of control valve? It's a control mechanism to a system.

I did register ADVANCE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING subject for my master subject. At first, I'm very nervous, clueless....what's gonna I learn from this class. I'm only hoping my hubby could help me as he had experience working in factory! What's a silly guess I made because this subject more on control subject....

For those know this close up picture, really hope you appreciate it!! Not all of us get opportunities to know, hold, doing experiment with this control valve. The best part was learning how to interpret system to control circuit, then to PLC control program. I will learn C language after this as my mini project.

Come on guys, learning is a wonderful as we start appreciate, knowing better any one particular topic but also learn how to do research, how to make project paper, how to.....improving networking and so forth. Face what's we afraid to happen as that's the only solution for self satisfaction.

Hari Raya Leave Application

Again, hari raya is around the corner. Since it's fall on Wednesday & Thursday, most people are planning to apply leave on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. So, I would like you to think twice or even more before you apply leave as i had mentioned before. For those unit with 100% muslim...please think about other people...don't be so cruel or self centered even you are planning to be at north and south this Hari Raya. What the hell all of you...are you thinking you deserve to get long break for Hari Raya but others to cover your DUTY...again DUTY...and again DUTY....BEFORE and AFTER hari raya...come on...I'm also an employee and so do you...your salary and my salary also paid by the same what's special about you???? Don't try to trick anybody... how can you want to have NICE holiday with your family but other people to sacrifies everything for you....can we make arrangement where those taking before raya, they must be at office immediately after hari raya and via versa. If this issue cannot be settle, it will happen again for this Hari Raya korban celebration. BELIEVE ME OR NOT....

Ok, people...I'm only taking leave after Hari Raya...I'm not a typical people, taking advantage on others, don't care about people feeling...and I'm SICK with this situation. Sometimes, only because of simple incidence...I'm HATE to be here!! Ya, Allah...makbulkan doa ku...AMIN...

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf sekiranya ada terasa (Sila pikir yea)!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My office mate

This is my office mate at Melaka branch. Her name is Shamsiah. She loves to take and there with camera either handphone camera or digital camera...yeah...she had nice face (mix with arabic) and she loves my handbag god bless you, Kak Sham!!

Birthday & Farewell party @ Holiday Inn Melaka

Last week on 29 August 2008 my office had organize birthdat & farewell party @ Holiday Inn Melaka. The party also as replacement to ERU annual family day...what to do....president & vice president of club too busy....hhahah...correct me if i'm wrong!! I'm the MC for the day and these some picture for you guys to check it out....

Guess what in the paper bag? tudung!!

Guess what Pn. Azurah said?....tttiittttt.....experiance with ERU almost about 7 years & humbly apologies to ERU staff

Guess what I said? ....tiitttt....complaint case towards me...hhehhahahh

Here we are at the end of the done by Mr Kamarul. He also did free lance photography for wedding, birthday, cukur jambul...price reasonable and most important he captured nice picture....those looking forward for HIS service please visit

Friday, August 22, 2008

New rent life begin....

It's nearly 1 month I have moved out from my parents home...and this also an alarm to me that this month salary which will be pay by my company will be less about 26%....wonder why??? I rent an apartment which belong to my company....awwwwahhh...that's the sad story about moving out from my parents home....i used to facial my face once a month and now time for me to think twice before step into the about positive story??? Before this i used to wake up as early as 5.30 a.m to get ready to office....guess what now??? ahhhaaaa....i still wake up around 6.15 a.m to perform subuh pray and only get ready to office by 8.00 a.m. This time no more headache about traffic jam or toll or fuels...i walk to my office and it's only taking 5 minutes from my apartment to office...wheather???? Don't be silly....if you afraid of rain, get ready with to be at home...another one at least in a day I have 10 minutes of exercise...good for health and good pratice of more special dinner to be serve and this changed was really superb as my husband on diet now....but he used to join me having snack after 8.00 p.m.....cayookk!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morning Pot Luck

My husband sms and told his office organizing morning pot luck....what should he bring (in other word what should i cook and he will bring the food to ofice)....fry karipap at 5.00 am...ohhhh...not me...and i came out with interesting facts to my hubby about frying curry puff early in the last i'm managed to order lovely cup cakes for interesting as i plan to have cup cakes as my birthday cake but he will get first for morning pot luck.....i did order for tangy orange flavour, M size cup, set of 32 for RM54.00.....expensive??? Of course not as it's value for money.....for more details log on to

Friday, June 27, 2008

Golongan Yang Susah

Hati aku tersentuh hari nie dapat forward email satu keluarga yang dlm kesusahan di Hulu Klang. Kebenaran itu pahit, tapi itu lah reality kehidupan warga KL. Bak kata pemandu pelancong aku kat Kuching, KL tak pernah tido. Dalam sibuk warga KL mencari rezeki, masih ada yang hidup susah dan dia adalah rakyat Malaysia sendiri.

Hal ini diakui kakak aku sendiri (dia cikgu sek. ren. melawati 1), sudah 2/ 3 tahun berturut2 time Hari Guru mesti dia terima kuih yang dibungkus rapi dalam kertas tisu. Hati akak aku tersentuh, semestinya hadiah itu sgt bermakna kpd dia. So, bukan harga hadiah jadi pengukur yg penting keikhlasan hati. Yang kureng tu akak aku seringkali tak tahu sape yang beri.

Menurut akak aku lagi, ada kalanya pelajar dia lama tak dtg sek, bila tanya "Tolong bapa, cikgu". Kasihan....

Hari ini kalau aku berada di tempat anak2 itu, aku mesti sedih dan malu kerana kwn2 aku mampu utk mkn mewah, buku lengkap ke sek, bercuti ke oversea, dtg/ balik naik kereta....yang sama hanya sepasang baju sekolah biru putih....kesian anak2 ni sebenarnya...tapi hidup harus diteruskan...suka atau duka harus telan bulat2....

Bagaimana nasib anak2 kita di masa hadapan?? Pandai bawa diri ke? Atau mudah terpengaruh? Pembelajaran dia bagus ke? Jangan mempercayai 100% kerana kelak menangis air mata darah pun fakta hidup tidak boleh dipadam...doa bersama utk kesejahteraan dan kejayaan anak2 kita...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pencarian kerja baru

Sedar tak sedar dah dekat tiga tahun aku kerja di sektor IPTS. Kerja apa pun, kalau minat zero kira kita menyusahkan orang. Contohnya kalau datang kerja pastu mengatal, baik jangan kerja sbb korang ni kasi aku buat dosa (kutuk korang la... dalam hati aje!!).
Sebenarnya bukan itu isu yang aku nak citer, aku baru je isi permohonan kerja secara maya untuk jawatan Pegawai Pendidikan Pengajian Tinggi. Sejam gak aku isi, terkial-kial nak isi maklumat, bukak file itu, tutup file ni, tapi akhirnya siap. Aku puji sistem yang dipunyai kementerian sumber manusia kerana boleh detect kepincangan/ kesalahan maklumat yang kita masukkan atau auto recognize post office kawasan aku, negeri mana aku dok.....bagus2...kurangkan kesalahan ketika mengisi.
Kat sini aku nak promote juga kepada mereka yang masih tidak berkerja untuk sama2 mengisi permohonan di sawang spp secepat yang mungkin (betul ke sawang tu merujuk web???, penguasaan bahasa kureng..)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pemandu Wanita

Gara-gara aku kena memandu sendiri hari ini, aku pun nak komen sikit isu "Pemandu Wanita". Kadang2 aku pelik mcmana wanita boleh memandu kereta yang langsung lampu brek tak menyala??? atau accessories kereta dia tu mcm kereta racing??? Banyak betul duit wanita zaman metropolitan ni yer. Tapi yang aku musykil tu bukan apa....cara pemanduan, justifikasi si pemandu dan keadaan kereta tu tak kena. Contohnya, ada sorang akak ni kereta dia hebat gila (kereta malaysia), rim kereta punya mahal, lampu brek ketiga mati, lampu brek lain digelapkan (sampai aku nak langgar tadi) tapi bawak slow gila kat lorong laju. Bayangkan meter kereta kancil aku 60km/j. Helo...mak aku pun bayar road tax, so pandai la ke tepi sekali kak!! Ingat dia aje nak kena check in???? Aku pun ganaz gak bawak keter tapi aku ni kalau memandu tengok sekeliling jugak, terutama kena perhati motor2, pemandu wanita (takut kena langgar), kalau slow tu pandai la ke tepi, etc. Sayang betul aku kat semua orang............................................

Friday, June 20, 2008

ilmu oh ilmu....

ada patut adik aku hakam gelak kat aku gara2 dia baca rekod book aku...dia gelak sbb cikgu sek. ren. aku nulis strength aku dlm art & psychology...tup2 ambik engineering...aku ni dari kecik bercita2 nak jadi lawyer...hheheh...layak ke ha??? aku rasa sgt layak tapi...pushing factor lagi banyak...hahhahah...dari kecik buka mata nampak buku drawing father aku...dah la tak faham nape gini, nape gitu...pening2....habis matrix aku decide buat mechanical engineering...habis mengaji tak gak jadi engineer...nasib aku la kan...kecewa???? no comment bro coz life must go on...haahhahh....tapi aku bangga coz aku tgh buat master in mechanical engineering....reason aku buat master senang je...aku saja nak habiskan duit mummy monster (aku tipu la kawan, so jgn caya sgt) dan nak penuhi cita2 father aku nak tgk anak buat master (yang ni betul)...tapi nak wat master ni kena byk berkorban masa, tenaga dan wang....ingat yea kwn2 soal wang terakhir...seronok benarnya belajar master ni sbb kita dok dengan geng2 otai...jgn cakap la experience depa ni...pengalaman itu men'dewasa'kan seseorang...mcm bagus...blub2...adik aku announce tak dapat hostel plak...kena pikir nak buat apa ni....

Dengki sebenarnya...

Aku dengki dgn husband sebenarnya...asyik2 blog...balik2 blog...aku cakap sepatah...respond lambat aku ambil keputusan join dia main blog...nak rasa plak keseronokan main start...aku mintak dia ajar itu ini...penat la dia set itu ini...tengok...sibuk tanya aku tak letak pic ke??? adoiii...bro...i ni baru nak nulis2...don't expect too much k....