Thursday, September 11, 2008

Control Valve

Do you know what picture below is? It's call control valve. What's function of control valve? It's a control mechanism to a system.

I did register ADVANCE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING subject for my master subject. At first, I'm very nervous, clueless....what's gonna I learn from this class. I'm only hoping my hubby could help me as he had experience working in factory! What's a silly guess I made because this subject more on control subject....

For those know this close up picture, really hope you appreciate it!! Not all of us get opportunities to know, hold, doing experiment with this control valve. The best part was learning how to interpret system to control circuit, then to PLC control program. I will learn C language after this as my mini project.

Come on guys, learning is a wonderful as we start appreciate, knowing better any one particular topic but also learn how to do research, how to make project paper, how to.....improving networking and so forth. Face what's we afraid to happen as that's the only solution for self satisfaction.

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