Monday, September 22, 2008

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri preparations

Hari Raya celebration is around the corner. Beside performing our fasting, working time at office, women also very busy with new clothes preparation, biscuits raya preparation and so on. Haiya...too many things to be consider.

Last week, I already bought kerepek ubi masin RM7.20 per kilogram & kerepek ubi with ungu colour RM7.20 per kilogram, new baju kurung from my new & cost effective tailor at Sek. Ren. Melawati 1, new tudung for me RM50.00 and new tudung for my mum Rm40.00. Yesterday I took my new baju kurung at Chong's Tailor, Melawati which cost me RM280.00, today I received my 50pcs mushroom cookies which cost RM18.00, probably I will get my kek lapis (special oder from Melaka) which cost me RM45.00 per kilogram. I also had change RM100 to RM1 notes to give to children during Hari Raya days.

But, before that I already paid RM280 for 3 baju kebaya, advance RM100.00 for home made cookies (mum+akak+....). Oh, my god...looks like we will run out of money before end of October.

As conclusion, plan our money usage wisely before .....Happy Hari Raya to all muslim around the world!!

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