Friday, October 17, 2008

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Pot Luck

I and my hubby will attending pot luck tommorrow. Since I'm not a good chef, I proposed to my hubby to make order. Hehehhe...modern women with modern mind!! So, we purposely get my Mak Uda advice on this. She did propose to order next to her sister house at Melawati. We order 2kg of roti jala with 1 whole chicken for curry. Price??? Roti jala cost us RM24.00 and curry RM30.00.

I will make nata de coco strawberry puding this evening, probably for 60 pax.

Surprisingly, my hubby office mates cannot find chef to cook lontong. Kalau mereka pandai dah lama beli kat Lontong Klang, sedap gila beb!! Since they are not as clever as I am, my hubby put extra effort to help them. Apa la punya hubby, aku punya motor pump catalog lambat cari, kawan dia laju aje tolong. Kawan perempuan plak tu. Again, with Mak Uda helps, the lontong also will be prepare by same chef.

Tommorrow, I, hubby and my sis (probably Nain, Fadli ikut sama la tu) will go to chef house with money to collect roti jala set and lontong set. Will update it soon for your reference in future.

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