Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wish all Muslim Happy Eid Fitri. I'm apology for any mistakes done by me either with my intention or without my intention.

To my officemate, sorry for word that not nice to hear from my mouth. I’m sincere in doing my works.

To my Master classmate, Sala & Nik sorry coz I’m still searching info for our project paper. Kak Su, thanks for everything. Those graduates Meng Mechanical, UTM, please pray for my success!! Also to my lecturers especially Dr Normah, Dr Kahar, Dr. Kassim, Dr. Mohammed, Happy Eid Fitri.

To my beloved husband, sorry should I made you unhappy, tears, disappointed, unlucky, etc for the past 1 year 4 months 3 days with or without my intention.

To my family, no BIG BIG BIG duit raya or kuih raya or baju raya this year. I’m on budget. Sorry to Mak, Ayah, Hakam, Nain, Fadli, Afiq, K’Zira, A’Zul and Syaifullah’s family at Kuantan.

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