Thursday, July 7, 2011

...yOuR BaBy nEeD sTiMuLaTiOn...

Last Saturday, kami decided nak jumpa Doc Atikah untuk dapatkan suntikan imunisasi tambahan untuk bb Azizi. Yessssss...influenza jab! Reasons? Mak aii...malas betul kamu semua yea. Hehheh...serkap jarang jew, so jangan marah-marah sebab boleh pandang-pandang aje!!

Well, after long discussion with Doc Atikah before this, the main reason is just to ensure bb Azizi is not easily get sinus if he will be sending to nursery (maid aku nak keje 2 tahun jek!!) and infectious from Mm & Dd (we always running nose early in the morning).

During the jab session, of course he did crying a loud as to show the pain that he suffered. Pity my bb boy Azizi but for your own good sayang oooiii! Doc Atikah did mentioned normally he would not get FEVER. I saw Dd was nodding (macam faham siihhh) and everything seem fine, baby Azizi was asking for milk and fall asleep.

Then we went to Gardens, to buy baby Azizi some books with sound at Boarders. Personally Mm like to be there because of environment and rows of toddler books to be choosen. Baby Azizi made many noises, grrrr Mm such in hurry to find good books for him!

In the afternoon, we had our lunch at Tony Roma's. Mm & Dd gave him piece by piece bread, he did enjoy it soooooo much!!! Maybe he felt eating adult food was so good without any discrimination of ages.

On the evening, Dd & Mm left baby Azizi and maid at Nenek's house. We head to Tanjung Harapan, Klang for makan-makan session at Restorant Bagan. He's OK but calling Mi..mi...once he lonesome about Mm.

We reached home around 11.30pm, everybody we in calm & peace while my poor baby boy Azizi was crying for me. Masya-Allah, he fall sick with high fever...body temperature was 39.4 degree! Dd cannot sleep that night, watching little baby...Me? heheh...tido!

We only decide to find a PAED on Sunday,after 2pm as his temperature up and down since morning...but our search came to avail. Really pity looking at my baby eyes, sob..sob..sob..

On Monday morning, Dd got migraine and Mm had to look after baby Azizi. By 9.00 am straight to nearest klinik for Dd medication (hum..doc suspected Dd might suffer heart problem in short time, Nauzubillah...) and stright to Doc Afifah for baby Azizi medication.

Suprisingly, ubat roket not suitable to baby as it can cause diarrhea. And Doc Afifah suggest to take liquid medicine and adviced how to give to baby. Doc look so worried as baby Azizi still cannot crawl and sit by himself.

Doc: I'm supervising him from age of 27 days until now...even he was delivered by c-section but no abnormal situation suffered by him. To me your baby brain development is normal. Please do something, please stimulate him to start crawl and sit by himself.

Dd: Are this because of our maid?

Doc: No...but if he was in nursery, he has friends to communicate. Ask your maid to look and teach him to crawl. Don't leave him alone by doing household work. Put priority accordingly.

Dd: Ok, noted. (muka sememeh sedih & sakit kepala)

Till now, Dd was so worried about his son achievements. Push to above limits but baby Azizi seems unhappy with it. Dd buy play mat to ensure safety...(maklum la belajar saftey bagai...tak mau kejadian pink walker berulang).

Pray to Allah....Dia Maha Mengetahui Segala-galanya!


yutt said...


jng worry too much, lain baby lain perkembanganya. Even my 1st n 2nd son pun lain. Ex, ahmad fatih dulu, 4 - 5 mths baru leh meniarap, tetapi ahmad faris, belum cukup 3 bulan dah boleh meniarap.. Ader kawan kak ros tu pulak, anak dia tak blh merangkak sampai 10 bulan, tetapi terus blh jalan. So, dun worry kay..

And pasal stimulation tu, ada fisher price nyer permainan tu blh stimulate utk merangkak, simple jer benda tu, dia blh golek2 bila baby tolak... Cuba cari, nti kak ros amik gbr yg fatih punya tunjuk kat alia kat opis kalau alia nk...

eliyazz said...

tq k' mum pun kata jgn risau bila doc yg kata mcm tu, ishhh...mcm teruk saya ni, tak ambil tahu perkembangan anak..