Sunday, August 16, 2009

Resign as Assistant Manager

19 August 2009 will be my last day at MMU. I had working for this position for almost 4 years. Even though my current job status is PERMENANT (just permenant since January 2008), not much of benefits i did enjoy as staff. Beside medical benefit, 2 times of bonus (1 month each) and 2 times of ESOS, the package offers to me is just OK as fresh graduate at that point of time!

Another reason is because of workloads, I believe no ones at MMU happy to replace me either! My post was really miserable as to entertain students with 1001 attitudes, entertain outsiders with ideology of red tape/ blue tape/ etc, communicate with others staff, answering phone calls and emails, as well as doing daily tasks and on going projects! Now, the management want me to in charge a process alone where before this was handle by 2 persons, without reducing my current workloads.

Moreover, it's hard to apply annual leave even you deserve to apply 24 days in one year! Why?? This is because you have to follow mmu academic calendar, to ensure you did not apply leave during peak season for final exam, subject registration and convo. Hahahhaha..what a hectic world I have to be in before!!

Plus, too many politic issues made by your colleages for their own interests'. Really, really crazy for my brain to work for!!


Mastura Yahya said...

sampai hati akk tk bgtahu mas pn akk resign :(

eliyazz said...

Sori Cik Mas...lupo..walau jumpa tiap pagi senyom2 kat keter masing2, akak lupa nak habaq..maaf no..