Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pumping Session In Office

Pernah tak anda tertanya-tanya bagaimana Mm pump susu di office? Tak pernah, hum..tak apa lah. Let me story-mory to them who want to know about it.

Since I'm only young executive, no allocation SPECIAL ROOM for me. Of course arrr... all rooms available mean for SENIOR OFFICERS. But...the good thing was I still working in a big room, shared with 2 others officers (1 mummy & 1 daddy), split by partition. With 2 doors, I have to lock one in front of me and during pumping session, my friend who working in the middle will act as my GUARD. Alhamdulillah, so far no one try to skodeng-skodeng me...

How do I look like during the pumping session?



With my pink shwal to cover, place the pump on desk, 2 hands holding the soft-fit and reading email thru.

After 10mins session, place the ebm into this bag. I safely keep this bag at my working area. Just precaution and to avoid people GILA who want to spoil my ebm.

I'm placing used soft-fits and connectors into this tupperware, keeping it in peti ais. After 3 hours, I'll used it again for another session.

That is my way managing my workload as junior officer & mummy. How about you? Please share so that we can have better and improve our own quality time with others. (^_^)

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