Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary

To my beloved hubby,

Thanks for every single things that you have done for me. I knew you have put all your hearts and efforts just to make me happy, comfort & safe.

Kesian dia...hari ni migraine dan sakit mata smp sepet sebelah. Since kerja banyak, pergi kerja juga dengan penuh keikhlasan.

To my beloved baby boy,

I do hope you will be best child to us, Insya-Allah.

Semalam main-main dalam perut waktu tido mummy yea. But I did give you permission to play until you bored, it's OK. Later don't play until midnight my dearest baby boy.

p/s: Bila agaknya aku akan dinner with hubby, tonight atau esok? Lokasi dah dipilih...huhuhuhhhh!!

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