Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Muhammad Zul Fadzli @ kinder

I did not have good pix to show all of you about my most quiet nephew, Li Li, first day at kinder. According to my sis story, he had been so excited to go to kinder as he had put on his kinder clothes and school bag few times by himself.

Yesterday was his first time went to kinder with his big brother, Nain. Since both mum and dad had been assigned to teach in the morning school session, so both brothers had to make their own way to kinder by school van.

Li Li looked fine to go to kinder by school van. Then, at kinder they had short assembly before started the class. When senior pupils started move to classes, Li Li also had carried his bag, probably he was thinking he will be in one class with his big brother.

Then, my sis said: "Adik, you wait there as Umi will be right here too."
Li Li: No voice but agreed to his Umi.

Class start with playing with doh. Until 10 a.m., he seem not OK to be alone in class. My sis decided to go back home, left him alone and suddenly my sis heard...Wawawawawa...

Well, good about kinder teacher's is able to persuade those small pupils to enjoy days in class. When Li Li started to cry, teacher had hugged him until Li Li fall asleep. What??? Haiya...what a joke had you done!!

My sis will monitoring him until today. Starting from tomorrow, atok and nenek will monitoring both brothers until Li Li is OK about kinder and class.

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