Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cooking Oh cooking...

Do you like to cook? Hum...I'm not a good cooker and yet dislike to cook. I can count how many times I cook for hubby and myself in a week, even in a month. And that's why no raw food stored in my freezer for a reason, the girl live in the house is too lazy.

Yesterday was a tired day for me. Since I'm the only one who hungry for dinner, I cooked fried fish and boiled vegetables with egg. Hubby then decided to join me for dinner. Full of ?????

Later, he said he want to cook scramble egg with ikan bilis for tomorrow. Just wait and see what he would do this evening, hahahhahah...

I just want to ask reader, if you have simple and delicious recipe of soup, please share with me. I like to have soup for dinner.

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