Monday, February 25, 2013

Tumis @ Teak 5 Cafe, Solaris Dutamas

Have you ever heard about this place?


Have you try foodies at this place?

At first glance, the outside ambiance looks like 
serving Indonesian foods. 

Menu of the cafe.

Oichhh...everything in the cafe means for sale.

As Akak Yani (Director of Tumis) said, 
everything except the people how worked there. 

The interior arrangement was nice.

Again...means for sale.

Ala...butik cafe gituw!!

I like this chiller with

antique carbonated bottles for accessories.

We were welcoming by Akak Yani

and she proposed us to try daging maut.

What is it?

It's like rendang or masak hitam for Kedah'rian.

Sweetie Ida posed for Daging Maut.

Thank you dear.

Other foods also looks 


How long you want to be there dear girls?

Enough for simple menu of the day please.

My food of that day was daging maut with lemak pucuk manis.

Daging maut was sweet in your mounth but once you swallowed

damn spicy, like burning in the stomach.

And all masak lemak here was 100% coconut concentrated.  

The plus point was NO MSG as claimed by the owner.

This cordial was called Air Mabuk.

Can be refilled and it's only cost you RM1 per mug.

Wajah ceria lepas perut kenyang.

From left: Cute Ti, Erni (Ti's sister) & Mello (Vogue Nana's friend) 

From left: Sweetie Ida, Vogue Nana & me

Decoration at the washroom & wash hands area.

Akak Yani convienced us to use our hands instead spoon & fork
in enjoying the foods.

Promising that they offer Shokubutsu soap to wash your hands after that.


Overall, I gave 5 star for the foodies.

Price wise ok.

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