Thursday, February 21, 2013

KGPA Fine Dining Etiquette

Antara yang perlu dipelajari
adalah berkenaan
fine dining etieuette

Untunglah belajar di


dressing kami ala-ala







makwe single yang menawan

biar korang nak kata perasan pun


ada kami kesah?

sweetie Ida, beauty Lia, cute Ti & vogue Nana

Nana, I hate flash
It's make my face too bright than others...

Kami tak dikhaskan di mana-mana meja

So, mereka ini juga adalah blind date kami malam itu


Counter clockwise: Nana, me, Ida, Ti, Atam, Sol, Mizi & Azam

Thank you guys, we thought nobody wants to seat with us.

This picture took by Mizi was to justify to someone that we seat next to each other.

Foodies of the night:

~Prawn cocktail with mango~

Note: Perah lemon by holding 2 fingers with garfu, put it on your left plate side

~Grill chicken chop~

Note: Meat is mean for cut, while fish and chicken you have to ... (ishh tak reti nak eja ehh)

~Chocolate Moouse~

Note: takde nota utk ini.

Agreed takde story on roti and soup.
Takde supplier yang snap picture for that food served.
For knowledge sharing, cubit roti bite size dan sapu majerine.
Never cicah roti dlm soup or put roti on the spoon together with the soup.
Make sure if your soup bowl ada lambang jata, it must always 12 o' clock.
Scoop to front slowly to prevent your shirt selekeh.

Rating foodies at KGPA: 2 out of 100

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