Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother Day

Mother Day falls on 10th May 2009. Well, everybody busy to surprise his/ her mother with gifts, cards, songs, poems, chocolate, flowers, etc. Nain did well by sang a song to her mother after been trained by beloved teacher at kindergarden. And he did prepared a card for his mum, most probably he only copied whatever wrote by his teacher at whiteboard.

And below was my message to my sister and my mum on 10th May 2009 morning:

Selamat hari ibu, semoga murah rezeki, selamat berentap dengan anak2, jgn lupa pasni kita plak masuk group ibu2. Bye

This was my sister replied:

Amin semoga allah tunaikan impian n hajat ya

This was my mum replied:

Insyallah semoga dimakbulkan allah menjadi ibu misthali.

I did calm myself once received this. Hhhhuuuuaaaahhhh....

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