Monday, June 17, 2013

Facial Treatment #1

It happened last Friday, I'm waiting for my other half back from outstation.

My face felt so itchy and after applied makeup remover, my cheeks turns dry and pain.

So, on Saturday morning I tried to make appointment with facial beautician & luckily there was a slot available at 1pm for me.

After further assessment on my skin, hahhaha... yeah....need help from expert!!!

What I can conclude here that if you have a balance diet & life style, your skin would not have too much of problems. Thrust me coz
1) regular exercise
2) balance food intakes
3) plenty plain water (1.5liter at least)

really give benefits to your skin & health of course.

Hahhahaha...I would say that this wet tissue had make my face even worst.

Why? Simply becoz I'm too lazy to use makeup remover.

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