Thursday, July 5, 2012


This weekend might be super boring days to toddler Azizi.
Mm & Dd have commitments to be fulfill...
true enough is base on office magic word WAJIB!

Since last Monday, we tried to spent more time with toddler Azizi.
And last night we went to Pusat Maritim Putrajaya Cafe for dinner. always putting your fingers in mouth.

Sipping a cup of Chinese tea, which flower Mm hardly could not remember.

Give a try!

Tasteless but toddler Azizi did not like sweet food, unlike his mother.
Commonly known as sweet teeth women to Dd.

Mm forgot to capture photos on foodies that we had last night.
I could only recommend you guys for char koew teow.
The steak gravy was bad to both Mm & Dd.
Both cafe at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya and Pusat Maritim Putrajaya are operated by the same company.
So happen the menu list most likely same except no curry, tomyam, etc style of food.

The only best about this place (so happen last night) was BOT BERHIAS,
inconjuction with Pesta Flora Putrajaya 2012.
My toddler Azizi excitement was at max, screaming and talking loudly in his language. LOL!
But your Dd was scolding you...hahahah...camna nak berani ke depan kalau cakap kuat pun kena marah.

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