Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yuppppp.....semalam kami bawa baby Azizi ke Hospital Pantai untuk berjumpa Dr.Atikah. Hasil pemeriksaan mendapati baby Azizi bengkak tekak & merah.

1st question from doctor, who had fever recently? Mummy or Daddy? Puas fikir and the answer was Ucu Liana.

Doctor explained that it's good that he had fever, showing that his body react to the virus. There were 200 potential viruses around him, especially virus carried by adult surrounded baby Azizi.

Advice from doctor @ KPJ Kajang: It's hard and even we had explained and advice adult to stay away and wearing mask during the sick symptom, yet baby still suffer because of adult stubborn. Funny but yet giving realistic impact to parent.

Doctor did give medicine to sooth baby Azizi throat and paracetamol. Mm can foresee that he refused to take medicine, and yet he vomited what ever he had....and I beg you the medicine was pretty sweet! No specific explanation why he refuse to have it. Last trial was mixing the medicine and ebm, Alhamdulillah everything gone to his stomach.

For right eye infection, that was reaction to ENT problem. Please don't rub your eye, that's all.

And if he is still not recovery from fever, revisit PHKL to check on his blood reading on 20 April 2011.
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