Thursday, October 24, 2013


He wanted to be in this jeep but Mummy please don't put in coins!

He would sat still but jump out if the jeep start moving!!

He know "I should wear a shirt" but don't realize it cost a month of groceries stock for our house!!! 

He would ask for same kind of toys everytime we visited ToysRUs but yesterday he asked for kite!!!! Something new for Daddy to discover..hahhahah

He will ignore "Mummy and Daddy" if we sat distance from each other but he want to be in the middle once 'Mummy and Daddy" sat next to each other!!!!!  
Hahahhah...again Daddy had to accept that my son is my wife boyfriend....hahhahahah  

Note: Something to cheer me up, missing someone badly! Hahhahahah

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