Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day trip to Singapore


Smile or semayo (like my niece said!!)

our fresh look with 

cool makeup of course!

It was around 7.15 am and we were happily capturing pictures before assembly started.

Do we look

gorgeous in our long suite with blue scarf?


From left: Me, Cute Tie,Sweetie Ieda, Vogue Yana & Wanie

Try to copy sweetie Ida style...

but damn

not easy at all!!!

~ Malaysian High Commissioner in Singapore ~

High rise building around the MHCiS

Expensive condo in making...

Immigration briefing

Making Sing million dollar yearly




Its vending machine


Keropok  mehhh

Cute Tie & me

Iyadh, Cute Tie & me

We in line..

of course I ke paling tinggi sbb paling comel


with our Mr. Cameraman Z

pose dear

pose until u satisfied!!


sedap nyer...

we had chicken, beef, fish,

squid, prawn, egg, crab stick, etc 

with fantastic beriani rice 

Our tour guide, Kak Julie

Veteran...still works for 4 hours daily

em...upon her free time, I guess

We @ Merlion

It's esplanade...

wish to be there one fine day

wut wut... 

Orchard Road

Nice pic taken by Atam

StarHill in Singapore

Tod boutique at the back

Can't see I guess


I found it at last

Super duper expensive shoes in world

wish to have one pair for my collection


LV eyeing me???


anyone could ehem ehem me LV bag?

Who said we only visited high ends boutique...

Kinokuniya kauuuu...

Tested Sup Tulang Merah @ Arab Street (small size $10)

Roti Prata ($2)

Lime juice ($2)


Taufik aka penunjuk arah @ Arab Street

Kelas kau gegals ada penunjuk arah bagai!!

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