Monday, August 13, 2012

Ramadhan 23, 1433 Hijrah

Two years ago, you were born to see this world my dearest boy.
I did cry and your Daddy did screaming right after hearing your voice.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. You complete our life, you are our loves one.
20 days more before I weaning you off from breastfeeding. We have a great bonding, sweet & sour time for Mummy to remember. All my effort, all your Daddy hard works will only be answer by time from now on.

My music, as always before you fall asleep:
Mummy loves Azizi, Azizi loves Mummy, sayang menyayang.
Daddy loves Azizi, Azizi loves Daddy, sayang menyayang.

My doa after solat always include you my boy, insya Allah.

Yesterday was Abg Lie Birthday celebration.
Actually you are the one to cut a cake, but we save it on your birthday on September.

You did sang a song on your own words, LOL.
Clapping hands, jerit-jerit....ahhahah

You did cekau Abg Lie cake, see your shirt was dirty with black spot.

Happy Birthday Abg Lie.
He requested a new school bag, end year baru beli la....

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