Saturday, December 31, 2011

3D2N @ Pantai PHKL

High fever and ulser in mouth. To be fair we agreed to be hospitalized for medical reason.

Huuhuhuhu....warm welcome but not to baby Azizi.

C506....sharing room but we deserved for single room. Azizi started crying loudly.

Late evening, around 7pm we have been transferred to C529, single room with 2 bed. Why? I'm breastfeeding azizi so they have accommodate me as well.

I strongly believe because of this also the room has 2 bed.

He was so stress, crying and cannot eat at all. Alhamdulillah he still want direct feeding from me.

So boring....he was happily at the playing room.

But the toys here are very limited. So we brought his lion rider here on the 3rd day with helper. I had back pain as he 95% attached to me, Dd just fine with his Starbucks Coffee.

We pray that Azizi is getting better and we could discharge by this evening to celebrate new year at home, insya Allah.

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